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Welcome to SA’s Smartphone Information App


You have come to our App Admin page for one of 2 reasons:


To search our data base for information due to the fact that you may not have an Android of Apple device – if you have any of these devices, you can download the App from our links or your App store, the App will give you more advance options than the web search.

Our New Web Directory will be available on www.2visitus.com shortly. 


If this is your first time on our page, please follow these steps:

            1.     Register in the top left corner

2.     You will then receive a password via mail after submitting your information.

3.     Once you have you password, you can proceed to login in the top left corner.

4.     Once you are logged in, you will see there is more options, we would suggest that you change your password ASAP.

5.     You can then proceed to your Admin panel.

6.     In your admin panel, you can either upload your establishments or specials.

7.     Once you have done the upload, please send a mail to admin@2visitus.co.za for immediate activation, otherwise activation will only be done in 6 – 12 working hours.

If you need any help with pictures, finding your location or with your special uploads, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can you afford not to be on 2VisitUS?

South Africa’s spectacular scenery, friendly people and world-class infrastructure make it one of the most desired destinations in the world.

Did you know that South Africa is the number one destination in Africa for business events?

The Regional tourist market makes up more than 73% of all tourist arrivals.

2VisitUs is therefore suited for any type of Business out there, from you local butchery to the largest Mall.

So make sure your town and you are visible trough 2VisitUs, register today.

Attention Advertisers and Users

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Terms and Conditions  -  http://2visitus.com/?page_id=101