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Welcome to 2VisitUs Smartphone Information App registration panel.


You have come to our 2Visitus App Admin page for one of 2 reasons:


To search our data base for information due to the fact that you may not have an Android of Apple device.

Our New Web Directory will be available on www.2visitus.com shortly. 


If this is your first time on our page, please follow these steps:

( Training videos available on www.2visitus.com - http://www.2visitus.com/?p=1818 )

1.  Register in the top left corner
2.  You will then receive a password via mail after submitting your information.
3.  Once you have you password, you can proceed to login in the top left corner.
4.  Once you are logged in, you will see there is more options, we would suggest that you change your          password ASAP.
5.  You can then proceed to your Admin panel.
6.  In your admin panel, you first need to upload your establishments.
7.  Your establishment will be activated in 6 working hours, and you will receive an incoice from us for           payment.
8.  You will have 24 working hours to pay the invoice from date received before we will suspend your            advert on the App.
9.  Once the invoice is paid, you will be able to upload as many specials and events for the next 12              months.
10.We will also start your Facebook marketing after payment is received. You business and specials will      be advertsied once a week on Facebook.   


If you need any help with pictures, finding your location or with your special uploads, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can you afford not to be on the 2VisitUs Information, Travel and Tourism App?

Now for only R 1 200 excl. vat per annum for App,Facebook and website marketing with your own admin panel, to load as many FREE adverts and special in the year as you want.

Attention Advertisers and Users

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